Cressanda acquires Lucida Technologies, Bengaluru in a 100% Share Swap Agreement.

We at Cressanda nXT are super thrilled to announce that we have completed the acquisition process for Lucida Technologies Limited, Bangalore. This acquisition will give us an immense leverage in the tech market enabling us to play a huge role in building new age and IOT based businesses across the globe primarily in the Digital Ecosystem. This acquisition has concluded with a 100% Share Swap agreement valued at INR 9 Cr.

One must recall here, that we have completed this acquisition close on the heels of our tie up with Buffshelfco , South Africa for a three-year period to provide cutting-edge user experience in delivering superior services in the domains of IT Infrastructure, Super App development, Digital services, and Marketing services across multiple static and mobile platforms. It is the management’s view that the acquisition of Lucida Technologies will only add to the technological abilities of the company and help take its products across the world while increasing its value for the stake holders.

Cressanda nXT after the conclusion of this acquisition considers product development, training and staffing in niche technologies as its key focus areas. In collaboration with its clients, it creates people+software delivery models with efficiency gains that rely on automation to bring breakthrough productivity for problem-solving endeavours. It will serve numerous clients in various industries and domains who are based in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States enabling Cressanda to extend its reach hugely.


Big Data

Our big data analytics helps to integrate analytics into existing workflows, with powerful uncluttered visualization on dashboards that offer in-depth analysis through a simple self-service interface.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI & ML helps to unearth patterns from complex layers of vast amounts of datasets to understand customer behavior, forecast sales, analyse sentiment etc. for optimal business outcomes and decision making.


Emerging Mobile technologies

Lucida’s mobile app solutions entail creating effective digital experience platforms that permit users to access, collaborate, and work with greater efficiency by creating hybrid apps, Super apps and enterprise mobile applications, and developing analytics tools.

UI and UX

Developing user-centric data visualisations for web or mobile application development that enables in-depth exploration of data, offering incisive insights from real-time information to support strategies and decision-making.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA platform allows to digitally transform an enterprise by identifying repetitive functions and automate such Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) functions.


Message from the Board

With this acquisition we are embarking on a transformative and collaborative journey which will enable us to serve clients across the globe with technology oriented services. The combined entity will boast of capabilities from robotic process automation to business analytics – to predictive data visualizations, data warehousing and more, bringing unprecedented insights to life and maximize the value of data and business impact for hundreds of corporations and institutions around the world spanning across industries.

Further, we will be able to partner with technological leaders who have extensive experience spanning across decades in developing innovative and agile delivery models. We believe that the opportunity for data analytics and AI at scale is limitless in a world that is increasingly bending towards the same and the application of which is becoming pervasive across Industry.

About Us

Cressanda Solutions Limited (Cressanda) is an India based company engaged in providing information technology (IT), digital media and IT enabled services. The Company has embarked on a transformative journey to innovate, expand and integrate its technology offerings with capabilities to service large institutional opportunities. These service contracts will typically have deep societal impact besides having profitable and long-term financial profile. To deliver and successfully execute turnkey projects, Cressanda in its new avatar has partnered with Best-in- class partners and on boarded top-notch talent with deep domain expertise. The Company in its pursuit to achieve its goals has already acquired Lucida Technologies and has bid for a large institutional concierge opportunity to enhance overall customer experience.

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