Talent nXT

Our culture provides the glue for talent to stay invested in us and vice-versa. We recruit talent keeping our culture, purpose and growth metrics, thereby creating an engaging culture within our teams. Our culture is defined by strong values and beliefs that inspire our employees to do their very best each day. Our assumptions and group norms are guided by this culture.




Our best asset – PEOPLE

The human resources department acts as a catalyst to enable all Cressanda Group employees to contribute towards business success. We future-proof our employees through cutting edge digital environment coupled with traditional leadership values.

Career growth @ CRESSANDA

The steering wheel behind our success – an agile mindset

People at Cressanda are diagonal assets. Unlike traditional organizations where growth is seen vertically, at Cressanda our career journeys are crafted across functions/geographies/products or businesses supplimenting our core skills and interests. Career Growth & Career Development i.e the long term and short term career journies are designed to equip individuals based on their Knowledge, Skills, Interest and Business opportunities. The underlining principle we encourage is learning agility in our people.

Build @ Cressanda

Nurturing Growth.

At Cressanda, you do not ‘go to a job’. You build a career. Here ‘silos’ are actively discouraged. If you have the passion, then cross functional responsibilities and growth are the norm.

We are building a culture that is not based on the principles of ‘Fear of Failure’.