The company follows the healer approach and broadly focus on Health, Education, Agriculture & Food, Livelihood, and Environment & Renewables (HEALER)

This operating unit is primarily focussed to serve the developed international market. Our international operations serve to build customer intimacy: solution design, domain expertise, on site project management, and account management. Our Indian operations develops and delivers quality solution for our global customers in the developed market in the most resource efficient manner. The operations are run by our highly qualified technical and process competent teams, following Agile development processes, measured continuously on delivery process efficiencies.
This operation is focused on developing markets – to start with India, and later Africa. This operation actively builds and co-opts innovative start-ups based on our sectoral hypotheses, where we come in as a majority co-founder to the entrepreneurs, or to an early-stage company. The sectors we broadly focus in are Health, Education, Agriculture & Food, Livelihood, and Environment & Renewables (HEALER). Our 5-year goal is to build solutions and businesses through our studios that would touch 1 billion lives in India and Africa.
This operation is focused globally, including India, where we act as system integrators, project/ program managers, and or key resource suppliers to a larger project. The goal of this operation is to leverage our large networks, where bring in the most suitable talent to address a critical piece of a solution. Our resourcing and contracting are mostly restricted to very high-end, for very difficult to find skill sets.
This operation both trains higher-end talent and builds a resource pipeline for us as well as the industry at large, as an independent business unit. We partner with key institutions to set up in-situ labs from where the trained students could learn their skills and participate in live projects. We strive to create a cutting-edge resource pool of students, generate high employability, and absorb the talent in-house/ or make it available to our partner ecosystem. The technologies we train on are as per the core focus of our own company, and our partner ecosystem.